About Le Triangle Group

Based in Loir-et-Cher in France, LE TRIANGLE Group was created by Gilles DESHAYES in 1992.

Coming from the agricultural world, he develops and designs metallic structures buildings adapted to all types of livestock buildings. Initially mainly focused on the French market, LE TRIANGLE Group exports, thereafter, its activity internationally.

In 2005, thanks to new collaborations, the company seized new opportunities and created TRIANGLE MOBILIER, which offers furniture solutions for large stores. In 2009, the Group turned to renewable energies, particularly photovoltaics, with the installation of a 750 kWp solar power plant on production plants.

Therefore, in response to strong local demand, the company TRIANGLE ENERGIE is created, offering farm buildings equipped with a photovoltaic power plant.

The company is rapidly gaining momentum, since today, it counts nearly 2000 achievements and is positioned as one of the leaders in photovoltaics on the agricultural market in France.

The company continues its ascent by offering photovoltaic solutions internationally, through TRIANGLE HORIZON.

Thanks to the competitive spirit of Gilles DESHAYES and the men around him, a new challenge is born: self-consumption. LE TRIANGLE has taken the turn and develops new concepts for agricultural and industrial professionals.

 The Group's main strength is to manufacture the majority of its business in its own production workshops.

Nearly 50 000m² spread over two sites in Langault and Villeprovert in Morée.